Zaki & Kiki’s Adoption Story



Just wanted to give you an update on our 2 rescues we adopted from you last year. Zaki (formerly Prancer) came home with us in April, and Kiki joined us a year ago tomorrow.

Zaki settled in straight away. He’s the cutest, most loving and caring dog despite been a bit of a mad hater still. He’s loved to bits by us all and I cant imagine life without him.

Kiki, was totally different. She sat in the corner of the kitchen on her bed for 4 days not moving much. She flinched every time we went near her. She seemed broken, terrified and had no trust in us. Fast forward a year, she has blossomed and is far from the frightened girl she was. Kiki now is playful and loves her cuddles and is the princess of the house. It took her over 3 months to sit on the couch (now her couch❤). It took her 7 months to figure out the stairs, and January we heard her bark for the first time. She too is loved so much and spoilt rotten by all of us.

I just want to thank you all, for caring for ours babies until we brought them home. Thank you all the the amazing job you do and how you change so many animals lives. I’ve attached a few photos to show you the difference in them.


Ps. They were joined by another rescue in September, a whippet called Scooby doo.”