What Am I?

Long-Eared Bat

This bats main feature is of course their ears.

Their ears are as long as their body and this species can be found in Ireland.

They forage in woodland, amongst the foliage, picking moths & other insects off leaves.

Have you heard of Echolocation?

Let’s talk a bit about it.

The well-known saying “blind as a bat” isn’t necessarily true. Some species can see better than others. The main sensory system they use would be their hearing.

All European species use a form of sonar to enable them to fly in darkness. The bats make a high pitch squeak and listen for the echo to bounce off near by objects that are in their way.

Echolocation calls are made at a frequency that is too high for us humans to hear.

Where can they be found?

You will often find evidence of bats that have been perching on a porch or outhouse. You will notice a pile of insect remains such as moth wings.

They also like to hide out in attics, churches & tree holes etc..