Sully The Hedgehog

Do you guys remember our little guy Sully?
He landed on his feet when a CSPCA team member decided to take him home and build a hedgehog resort for this little guy.
Do you experience hedgehogs coming into your garden?
Why not try out some simple DIY skills and build a little safe place for them to stay.
All you need is old bits of wood which you may have laying around, screw’s , screw driver & roof felt. If you don’t have roof felt, varnish or oil will do the trick to keep it waterproof.
Step 1: Ensure you have all material needed before starting.
Step 2: Sketch out a rough plan of how big you would like the box to be. Ensure there is enough head space for the hedgehog. The height of the box should roughly be 10cm.
Step 3: Make sure you have two entrances; this is to make sure no predators can grab the hedgehog within the box.
Step 4: Location is key! Its important to have a suitable place to locate the box. Placing within a popular area for the hedgehogs is ideal, ensure that it is protected and sheltered from any main activity and noises.
Step 5: Get building!!

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