Storm & Jim

The term “a dog is a man’s best friend” can be a cliche.

But in some cases, the term is very true.

Storm was adopted from the CSPCA a couple of years ago. A fabulous lady walked in & that was it, she gave him a whole new meaning of life!

Storm is a restricted breed, therefore, he does have to wear a muzzle, did that bother his new owner? Absolutely not, with time & patience, he become muzzled trained, wearing it like it’s the newest fashion trend!

In his late teens, Storm is still discovering new places & being treated like royalty, living the high life is an understatement.

Storm would visit his grandparents on a regular basis, embracing the sea air and enjoying his roast dinners with Jim . . . . . . . and still does to this day!

As time went on, he become more & more comfortable at his grandparents even when his sister, nightmare Nelly came along! The more time he spent with Jim, the less he wanted to go home.

Himself & Jim discovered a common ground. . . . . routine! But it wasn’t Jim who set a routine. . . Storm himself did!

Set walks every day, treats to be given at set intervals throughout the day & bedtime at a set time! 

Where Jim goes. . .  .Storm follows. . . . . in fact, it can be the other way round!

Akita’s come across as a dog that aren’t compassionate, not friendly etc..

This breed originates in Japan, they are considered to be tender in heart & strong in strength. 

Did you know the breed was developed by crossing the Chow Chow, Japanese Kari & Tosa breed?

Japan symbolises the Akita as protection, health, happiness & long life.

Storm symbolises just that for his family! He is the definition of a big cuddly bear! 

Jim & Storm are the best of pals & do everything together, they have entered many competitions, taken many sunsets strolls together, evening telly watching, the list goes on! 

Storms family agree that Akitas are loyal, as long as you understand them, your their family.

Walking side by side together, they are a bond that cannot be broken!