Hi C.S.P.C.A team,

We adopted Spot, or as you knew him, Spencer S231 roughly one year ago, so it’s time for a little update. On the photo collage attached you’ll see him:

–          Top left: with his C.S.P.C.A picture

–          Bottom left: first day of adoption enjoying his new garden

–          Top right: getting some well-deserved rest after exercise (biking)

–          Mid right: lazily lying on the bed with our Siberian Husky Plushee

–          Bottom right: This weekend smelling the fresh sea breeze on a camping trip to the Burren

Spot lives for human attention! He wants to be cuddled all the time and has to be near humans whenever possible. Most of the time he’ll chew on some dog toy (and sometimes other things) and he’ll happily chase after balls or pull rope toys. He does enjoy his walks, but there has to be time to rest, too; he has no aspiration of becoming an athlete. Any dog he sees is a potential playmate, so sometimes he has to be calmed down a bit so he doesn’t scare new friends, but there’s no type or size of dog he won’t end up greeting and – if possible – playing with. At home he has our Husky to play with and I they’re in the mood they’ll bring each other toys.

Still, overall nothing beats a good belly rub! If there’s any chance a human is sitting or lying down somewhere, Spot will be right with them, for some cozy time!

Keep up the good work!

Irena and Stefan

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