Prince’s Adoption Story

CSPCA team,
Just an email to update you on Jessie(now fittingly named Prince) who we adopted from you last October.
My goodness has he brought so much love and joy into my life! He is just a dream, from the second he came home he fit right in like he has always been here!
As well as absolutely adoring his cat brother! We all had an amazing first Christmas together, the boys were spoiled rotten, as should be!
He has become quite the celeb between his very own Instagram page, the local pet shops Facebook page and all his great new doggie friends in playschool, everyone is in awe of him.
He has come on leaps and bounds with his confidence and putting on a good weight. From training to bonding and everything in between he is just amazing and words simply cannot describe the love I have for him when I look into his eyes.
To all on the team, thank you so much for allowing me to find my best friend as the work you guys do is just simply incredible, it’s so great to know there are organisations in Ireland like you guys trying your very best to what’s right for all the animals big and small.
All the best,
Prince & his forever human
Thank you for the lovely update, good start to the week!