Ollie’s Adoption Story.

“Dear CSPCA team,

I adopted Ollie from you in January and I am so happy with him. He is the most loving, gentle dog. He settled in straight away. He had a bad skin condition and not much hair when I got him but he is doing great now. His hair grew so much he needed a haircut!
I also managed to find out his life history! It is a very interesting story…

Ollie was a stray. Someone found him on the street and brought him into the CSPCA. He had a microchip with his previous owner’s information but when the CSPCA tried contacting her they could not get through. I saw her name on the transfer of ownership form when I was getting Ollie. I could not understand why she abandoned such a lovely dog. I decided to Google her out of curiosity. The first thing that came up was her obituary.
Ollies owner died in December 2015 and he was even mentioned in her obituary! I understood then why Ollie is such a lovely dog, she obviously gave him a good start in life.

One day in June we decided to bring Ollie to where he used to live with his owner to see if he remembered it.
He did! He got very excited when we got there and went straight for his house. We met some of the neighbours and they all remembered him. They were surprised and delighted to see him again. They had not seen him since his owner died. They were heartbroken to hear of the condition Ollie was in when he was brought into the CSPCA but delighted to see he is doing well now.

They told me his owner was a lovely woman who adored Ollie and looked after him so well. She must be looking down now very happy that her baby is doing well. I am sure she is very grateful to the CSPCA for rescuing him and finding him a good home where he can enjoy the second half of his life! He is going to be 8 on the 29th September.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about his history and seeing recent photos of him. I hope you will share his story on your website.”