Northside Horse Crisis

Everyone at this stage is aware of the monumental task yesterday in removing a huge number of horse’s in the hollyhill and knocknahenny area of the city.The CSPCA have lobbied for tighter control’s on horse ownership for quite some time now having first hand experience of the horrific condition’s some of these horse’s were kept in last winter.This has put an extra financial strain on the society with nearly daily forage drop’s in the winter and even water drop’s during the dry spell last july.To help us do more for the horse’s in cork we built a hay barn earlier in the year and as previously stated this week,commenced work on 2 stable’s to be used in emergency case’s.

The welfare of the horse’s is paramount,with the weather set to get colder and wetter for the coming month’s,we are asking people to be mindful of any horse’s kept in your area,if you have any thought’s on their welfare please contact us here at the shelter and we will do what we can to help.

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