New Kennel Block and Partnership with Cork County Council


Work is near completion on our new kennel block in the yard. We were a little undecided on what roof material to use on the houses, something that would be easy to clean and look very smart and have decided to use a very rigid plastic resin sheet that will sit nicely in the steel framework and better again is made from recycled plastic so is better for the environment too! We also built 5 new kennels to increase our capacity here at the re-homing centre.


We are very pleased to announce that we in conjunction with Cork city council and Cork county council, will in the next week or two  be receiving the first dogs from the county pound, firstly from the pound in passage and then if everything works out fine we will then look at dogs from the other county pounds. This is the first step in a partnership that will ultimately result in even more dogs being re-homed, we will keep you informed of progress in the’ big plan’ but we think all would agree that this is of huge benefit to the dogs of cork with many more being given the chance to find their forever



We are also working with another group who are interested in helping us re-home some dogs, plans are in their early stages yet but it all looks promising. We do not want to give to much away just yet, and maybe Ida can help us out with this one-how do you say re-homing dogs in Swedish! STAY TUNED………………………………




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