National Tree Week

🌿National Tree Week🌱
Did you know Sunday 21st-Saturday 27th is National Tree Week?
Why is this so important?
Planting trees will help tremendously with our carbon footprint, our environment is very important for the species that live on this planet.
Does your school have a green flag? Or are you on the path to receiving your green flag?
Why not come together and start being more environmentally friendly and reduce that carbon footprint of yours for a more sustainable future!🥳
To celebrate National Tree Week, we are giving away tree packages for all schools across the county.
For schools who would be interested, give us an email ( and arrangements can be made for collection.
All trees will be native to Ireland!
Our team would love to hear why it is important to you and your class to reduce your carbon footprint and not to forget about sharing photos of the trees once they are planted! 🤩