Microchipping Day!

Why should you get your pet microchipped?
• It is now a legal requirement to get your dog/cat microchipped.
• Provides secure, reliable & permanent identification of the pet belonging to you.
Due to reports of numerous dogs being stolen throughout the country by not only opportunistic individuals but also by organised groups who have access to scanners, we cannot stress enough how important it is to get your pets microchipped.
The festive time of year is for families and their beloved pets to spend time with each other.
Especially this year, people may come to realise they appreciate & need their pets more than ever before.
The CSPCA Team have decided to organise a day to give a gift from you to your pet.
We are offering a day for those who wish to get their cat or dog microchipped with a small charge of €10 per animal.
Please note we will not being accepting request for chipping litters of puppies or kittens on the day.
The day will run by appointment only.
We would like to arrange a day dedicated to dogs then followed by a day dedicated for cats.
• WHEN: 20th November 2020
• TIME: Appointments will run from 10:00am-12:45pm & 2:00pm- 3:45pm
• HOW: Must ring the office to book and be given an allocated time.
• WHAT TO BRING: Must bring proof of ID & recent bill of address. (please note we will not accept drivers’ licence for proof of address) Please also bring your current dog licence.
A date will be announcement in the up and coming weeks for cats to be microchipped.
We do ask for people to arrive on time, if for any reason your allocated time is missed, it will be rescheduled to a later date.
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