Max To The Rescue


Friday 26th June, the wardens received a phone call regarding a horse which had found himself in rather a pickle.
A lovely lady made contact after her dog ,Max, seemed restless and concerned. 🤔
The horse was found stuck within a ditch, he obviously slipped and missed judged how deep the ditch was going to be. Due to all the wet weather, the ground was incredibly slippery for him to climb out himself.
After careful consideration planning the safest and less stressful way to help the four-legged friend out, it took trust, tug of war and a massive push for him to be out of the danger zone.💪
It did not take him long to find the long grass to have a good old munch!🐴
The CSPCA Team would like to say a massive thank you to Fiona and her special dog Max, if it wasn’t for Max, who knows what could of happened!🐶🐎