Mary Geary’s Childcare Photography

We love seeing students come together and engage with nature. 🦋
It’s important for us to look after the planet we live on.🌳
Mary Geary’s Childcare have some very talented photographers.
The students were asked to go outside to enjoy the fresh air and take a photo of nature.🐌
We were then asked to judge the photographs the students had taken. Whilst making a decision there was a bit of bickering going on among us, we just couldn’t decide which one was the most eye catching. 🧐
We finalized it down to 5 photographs and the one that stood out the most was photo E.🐝
We would like to say a massive well done to everyone who went out and captured a bit of nature! It was definitely a tough decision to make!🥳🥳
2022-04-05T14:28:13+00:00April 5th, 2022|News & Events|

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