Mardyke Duck Eggs

Yesterday our team received a call regarding a female mallard using a plant pot, just outside the Mardyke gym in the city, to start her nest building skills, they can be quite unusual in their selection of a suitable nesting site!

She had just started to lay her eggs and the staff of the premises were concerned about people interrupting her.

Not wanting the public to startle her, her eggs were removed from the site.

What happens next?

Her eggs were brought to our base where our wildlife team will incubate them, raise them & eventually release them.

Did you know?

Females can lay up to 12 eggs in a clutch. They are laid at one- or two-day intervals before she finally sits on all the eggs to incubate. Hatching usually happens 23-30 days, they will hatch all together despite being laid separately.  

Stay tuned for updates!