Luna’s Adoption Story!

“Hi, we adopted two little doggies at two separate times from CSPCA last year. Just realised that the lady at the reception asked us to send you an update on how the doggies are doing.

They are our little rascals who we love so very much. They have grown to love each other dearly and cant seem to spend any second without each other. They are best friends to us and each other. Lucky, now Luna (terrier and Russel mix), is the boss of the gang. She takes control and sets the mood every day. Ollie, now Scoobie (pug and Russel mix), follows and completely trusts Luna. Two of them are inseparable. Even thought they have separate beds, they always sleep together, eat from the same bowl and do the same silly things.

We couldn’t be happier with how the adoption went and how well the dogs have settled in. And we definitely cant imagine our life without them.

We wanted to thank all of the CSPCA team who helped us adopt them and we hope all the other animals find their loving homes!”