Lets Talk About Ticks

Did you know?🧐

•They are related to the spider family.🕷

•Survive on drinking blood of their host.

•They can feed on your pet for up to 10 days before dropping off to lay eggs.

•A female tick can lay several thousand eggs at a time.

•Interesting part is they contain an anaesthetic within their saliva ∴ your pet won’t feel the bite.

The Risks:

•Disease transmission such as Lyme Disease which can cause fever, lameness, kidney & neurological problems.

•The tick bite alone can become infected causing abscesses.


•Thorough checks on your pet’s coat.

Found a tick? Don’t panic! 😱

Introducing the “Ticker”, this handy gadget is a easy and fast way of removing those ticks simply choose, catch, twist.