Kola’s Adoption Story


“Kola has told me that she want to visit you all soon to show off her new hairstyle and wardrobe. She is also very attracted to publicity and sends some photos:

  1. Kola happily sleeps in her bed or bean bag or sofa top in the conservatory but spends all her day times with us. She loves to go down to bed.
  2. She was great in the car but has recently been distracted,we will change our routine and maybe get a transportation box for the back seat as it may be the outside movement which disturbs her.
  3. She loves her food (Burns small dog kibble) and would eat the house if she could;
  4. Kola and I play a lot each day. She loves jumping upright and can get incredibly high – table and desk tops out of bounds now.
  5. Shoes beware!

She is very very!”