Kestrel Admitted

Eriu was admitted into our care after she was found lifeless with heavy delayed breathing.

Listening to her chest, gurgling sounds were heard, this possibly was an indication of fluid in her lungs.

She wasn’t giving us much hope, but we didn’t hesitate to help her, fluid, warmth & food is always a good starting point.

The morning after her arrival, she gave us a fright! There she was, on her perch with her eyes looking a lot more alert and her food was gone.

After an examination, she was put on a strict regime of daily weigh-in’s & a supplementary diet. Her breathing still wasn’t a 100%, this is something that we are keeping an eye on.

Her wound on her head wasn’t anything severe, just a slight grazing. We don’t think she is pleased with her tufty look on her head, this can also be said about her tail feathers!

Eriu will remain in our care until her weight is correct & her tails feathers are repaired.