Meet Hugsy!

This little old man arrived in our care after his little adventure into the unknown.

On arrival, it was clear he was very much loved. His body and coat condition, weight were indications that he had a home.

Hugsy’s eyes are incredibly cloudy, which can be an indication of sight loss.

Because he doesn’t have 100% vision, his other senses have developed stronger e.g. hearing and scent.

No owner has come forward and because he is not microchipped, its makes it a lot harder for the owner to be found.

Hugsy is an old gentleman who once was loved, we cant stress enough the importance of microchipping. Without any chip details, we cannot trace back to anyone, even just to let them know that’s he is safe and such a loveable character.

Hugsy is now avaible for adoption, all details can be found on his profile in “Dog Adoption”.

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