Hedgehog Facts!

Over the summer we have seen many hedgehogs come into us. Majority of them have been hoglets either been abandoned or lost from their mothers.
The two that we have in our care have been growing very fast and are doing splendidly.
Being aware that hibernation season is around the corner, hopefully they will soon be introduced to the hedgehog resort and join Sully! 🦔
Did you know?🧐
• Hedgehog pregnancy is usually 32 days long but if there was a cold spell of weather in spring, it can limit the shortage of natural food. The pregnant hedgehog will resume hibernation ∴ the development of her embryos will slow down until she is active again.
• When the mother is active again, the embryos will continue to grow & pregnancy is lengthened by the same amount of time as the hibernation period.
• When hoglets are born, they have spines under the skin covered in fluid. The fluid is then absorbed, allowing the spines to come through.
• At 36hrs old, the hoglets will show white spines, then at 15 days old the white spines disappear and the hoglet will now have fabulous brown spines.
• All hedgehogs shed spines just like us humans shedding our hair.