Gus’s Adoption Story

“Hi There,

We adopted Gus from you guys last July. We know he was a stray but we were wondering whereabouts he was picked up?

He was the perfect addition to our family and it is like he has always been there.

We had a few ‘’Marley and me’’ moments at the start with us running around the estate after him but he has finally figured out that “GUSSSSS!” means him. Walking with his lead and harness isn’t his strong point but we are getting there slowly.

He loves the car, lots of cuddles and kisses, all the attention, his brother Ruairi, running, walking (but not in the rain), sleeping at the bottom of the stairs, his morning Dentastix, jumping over 6ft walls when he sees a cat or anyone he wants to say hello to, playing with little dogs, going to Gramy’s house every Thursday, the beach, running after seagulls, guilting Grandad into feeding him from the table and doing tricks but ONLY if there is food involved.

He does not like going swimming or getting wet at all for that matter, Mom or Dad having the audacity to give other dogs attention, when Ruairi goes back to his other house or being in the garden when his humans are inside.

He is the best fur baby and we will forever be wondering what he is mixed with. The last guess was Irish Wolfhound crossed with a bearded collie.

Thank you so much for everything 😊”