Frequently Asked Questions?

Are you open?

Sadly, our centre remains closed to the public.

When we are back open, it will be announced on our website & Facebook page.


What is the adoption process?

Head over to our website, all our animals available can been seen.

If there is an animal you are interested in adopting, please complete an adoption questionnaire.

This is available to download under each animal on the website.

Our team assess questionnaires to ensure for the best match possible. If we feel we have an animal which is suitable for you, contact will be made.


Are you accepting volunteers?

Our team are not accepting applications for volunteers or work experience until further notice.

When we are, it will be announced on our website & Facebook page.

This includes previous volunteer dog walkers.


When adopting, are the animals neutered, microchipped & vaccinated?

Yes, they are.

When adopting a dog or cat, they will be neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped. Our team will register the microchip for you as well.

When adopting rabbits, they will be neutered & vaccinated against myxomatosis & viral haemorrhagic disease.


What are the dogs vaccinated against?

DHPPI= canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, canine parvovirus and canine parainfluenza virus infection

L4=canine leptospirosis.


What are cats vaccinated against?

They will receive a vaccination against feline panleucopenia virus, calicivirus (FCV) and feline herpes virus type 1 (FHV1).


Do they receive the kennel cough vaccination?

No, they do not, we recommend for you to register with your local vet and talk about your dog receiving the vaccination. Interesting fact with this vaccine, its not actually injected, it is squirted straight up their fluffy noses.


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