Did You Know?

Here we have a male pheasant that came into us yesterday.
He is in fine condition, only there seems to be a mystery with one of his legs. He does not seem to have the greatest balance, therefore it’s our job to get him on the mend!
Did you know?🧐
Pheasants were introduced from native Asia. They are now well established, and numbers continue to grow.
Males are a lot more colourful than the females. They have a metallic black/green head & bright red facial skin, their plumage consists of a copper-red colour with black crescents on the underparts of their feathers.
The females are very different in their appearance, they have a variation of different browns and angular spots on their feathers.
When it comes to breeding season, you will notice the males wattle becomes obviously red and two small tufts on the rear of their crown appear.