As many of you are aware, we have been closed to the public for almost two months now and as such we also stopped adoptions of our animals. We are currently working out new policies and procedures on how we can re-open again to allow adoptions from our centre. We are very alarmed to say the least, of the number of people who have bought or adopted dogs and other sorts of animals while the restrictions have been in place. Anyone who has contacted us regarding getting in particular a dog, has been told that now is not the time as things will eventually return to normal and just because you have time now does not mean you will have time when everything gets back to normal. After all, you don’t need a dog if you want to go for a walk yourself nor should it be something to entertain the kids for the few weeks!

OK, enough about that for the moment. When we do open, there will be a few changes in how things will operate in the foreseeable future. We will be open by appointment only, which will mean you must phone the office for an allotted time to visit, you cannot just turn up or make an appointment at the door, you will be asked by staff for your name and what dog/dogs for example you would like to see, you will be giving a time to call and we will be very strict on this as social distancing and disinfecting procedures must be followed. Entry will be through the yard and not through the main building as before and each visit will be limited to two people from the same family. Of course, these changes will be reviewed and changed if necessary but your safety and the safety of staff is paramount.

We hope everyone understands why we have made these changes and they may take a bit of getting use to but for this to work we need the cooperation of everyone concerned. We will inform you all in due course when things start moving again.

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