Cardi The Pigeon

It’s not everyday day we get to hear about wildlife release stories.

This is something a little different.

During the summer would you remember the two squabs we had in our care, Cardi & Vinnie?

One of our wildlife rehabilitators took the two of them home to release, as the city life was just a little too much for them.

Its common for pigeons to stick around, as they mature, they would most likely get brave and move on.

This happened in Vinnie’s case, he was always the more cheeky & confident one. Where as Cardi just likes to sit back and watch the drama happen.

After Vinnie had departed from his country home, Cardi still remained a resident.

A couple of days passed, one would think he may depart and go find his own way. . . . . . . .Cardi has decided to take residency in the stable.

Weeks passed. . . . . . . . . at this stage Cardi has moved himself into the boiler shed. . . . wise thinking considering the bad frost we have had.

Months had passed. . . . . . . where’s Cardi now?. . . . . . . . . . utility room!! The landlord wasn’t very happy about this extra room mate. Cardi would sit on the door handle, wait for the door to open, swoop in and land himself on the highest shelf in the room and start cooing.

We offered him multiple places to perch and relax, giving him every opportunity to live his best wild self.

Now its January 11th and he has ruled the roost. . . . after many hours and days, introducing Cardi to various spots, comfy spots might I add, for him to shelter and so on, . . . . . we have come to a mutual decision that the shed with a pet carrier consisting of food, water and a massive comfy nesting bowl and a perch is the place to be.

Cardi enjoys his daily stretch of the wings, loves taking in the scenery, often hitch hikes on the horses and helps out with the gardening.

Its safe to say that Cardi will be at his country home for a very long time and what makes it even better, he’s now part of the family!