Buzzard Resident

Over the last couple of months, we have been seeing a lot of patients coming and going from our wildlife unit.🦇🐇🦔
Last week we had the pleasure of meeting a lovely family handing in a buzzard they found struggling to fly whilst they were out adventuring.
First thought was the wing must be fractured or broken?!
Thankfully, it is not as serious (but still serious) as that, his left wing is missing the primary feathers.
These feathers are the main reason why birds can fly, without them, they will struggle massively.
He has settled in just fine and will most likely being taking residence in our wildlife unit for awhile until his feathers grow back in good order.
How could this of happened? Its unknown but he could of a had a bit of a whoopsie!
Keep an eye out for updates on his story!🦅🤗