Book Launch

I think everyone would agree that 2020 has been one crazy year! We had big plans with summer camps for the kids and to roll out a couple of new projects which we have had to shelve for the moment-more on these later. One of the biggest disappointments for us was the fact that we were unable to celebrate our 150th birthday, the way we wanted to, with you.

One of the aspects of our celebrations that will be going ahead and in fact has been worked on for almost 2 years is our commemoration book marking this milestone in our history. This book has been written ‘warts and all’ and goes through the various stages and changes in animal welfare over the years, the people involved, the good and the bad years and the lessons learned and thought which have made the CSPCA what it is today. We wonder if the founders of the society on that faithful afternoon in November 1870 would have thought in their wildest dreams that future staff would be chasing a racoon around the city or would be handling snakes and other reptiles which are now a common pet and that it would have grown to be one of the finest animal welfare organisations in the country.

The success of the CSPCA is not only down to the folks directly involved in its centre or its committee but to the people of Cork who still to this day are helping on a daily basis be it sorting raffles or car boot sales, street collections or just a simple message-what do you need, and in a matter of days a knock on the door, we have a delivery. This has not gone unnoticed. We will let you know when it is finally off the presses but should be over the next week or so and where it can be purchased and so on,  maybe through our paypal account and we can post it to you, we will keep you posted.