Meet Pawlee (aka Pawlee Island). Typical hound cross this boy is a gentle slob who wants loads of cuddles and play. Based on his gentle demeanour and playful manner we think a home with other dogs would suit him down to the ground! No cats or rabbits though as this guy is a working breed cross. Fully enclosed garden is a must as well as once these guys catch a scent good luck Pawlee will turn 1 in August so yup he’s still only a baby so children over 12 would be ideal as he is a large dog. Another brilliant dog under 1 found dumped.. are we surprised no. Why ? Well getting a dog especially a pup is a demanding task, it takes training, patience (of a saint) commitment and time. If you don’t have these qualities the CSPCA would prefer you don’t get a dog and instead get a fluffy teddy because dogs are a commitment for life not something to get the kids to keep them busy for summer a #adoptdontshop #thinkbeforeyougetadog #rehomeanabandoneddog

Mircochip No: 981098108867993

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Pawlee's details

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Age (approx.) :

1 yrs in August 2024

Breed :

Hound X

Neutered :


Origin :

Cork County Council Dog Warden Services

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friendly, confident, playful

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