Animal health & welfare (sale or supply of pet animals) Regulations 2019

A bit of good news for the day!
Animal health & welfare (sale or supply of pet animals) Regulations 2019, have thankfully been accessed and updated.
We recommend anyone who is considering to buy / rehome a pet of any kind, from a pet shop, charities/welfare organisations, advertisements on the internet and so on, to research whether the establishment supplying the animal is registered.
How would you know if they are registered? Why not ask?
No registration number? Then ask yourself why they don’t have it at hand, especially if you think they are supplying more than 6 animals within the calendar year. If you are anyway doubtful, do not purchase from them.
These changes have been brought in to improve welfare standards of all animals offered for sale/ adoption.
We do urge everybody, to do your homework first before purchasing.
The following link will guide you to all information necessary on this topic.

Have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.…/salesupplyandadvertisingo…/


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