A Rabbit is Not For Easter

Last year, Banana & Avocado arrived in our care, the two of them should have still been with their mother.

They were used as part of an easter egg hunt in a shop, they had presumably done their job and were then surplus to requirements and given away.

We would encourage anyone that is attending an event, especially one that is only one day long, to stress to the organisers that in the first instance they should not be using animals in this way and that you and others hope that they have a plan in place for their correct rehoming and not just giving to the first pair of open arms.

Banana & Avocado were coming up to there 1 year residency. The two lucky bunnies were adopted last week and are living their best life!

If you are thinking of getting rabbits, please do your research first, they are social creatures and love space & places to hide. They deserve to have a safe space for them to run around & do their famous bunny hops!

  • FOOD – Access to their body size in haya small portion of nuggets and a handful of dark, leafy greens daily.

  • SPACE – Large housing with spaces to hide and access to a run that’s big enough for them to run around in.

  • COMPANIONSHIP – Rabbits should always be kept in pairs or small groups.

  • ENRICHMENT – Toys and activities to keep boredom at bay. 

  • WATER – Always ensure fresh clean water is available.