2 Fluff Buttons

Not only are many rescue centers overwhelmed with dogs, small furries are now becoming increasingly high.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have had numerous surrenders of guinea pigs and rabbits.

The cost of living can affect the cost of keeping animals. If you are looking to surrender guinea pigs or rabbits, we do ask for people to be aware that there might be space limitations, it is recommended to stay in contact with an organization until appropriate accommodation is available to take in an animal.

We are now at full capacity with our small furries due to these fluff buttons!

They arrived at our care after a lovely lady stopped on the side of the road to investigate a huge white box.

These two were found in a plastic box on the side of the road with their suitcase packed for them. They are very lucky that they didn’t cause an accident & more importantly didn’t get seriously hurt.

They are nicely settled and munching away on a bit of grub, now brainstorming is to be done to give them their names!