Elvis’s Mission!

Elvis’s Mission!

Elvis has a mission for all Santa’s little helpers out there!
He’s not very happy with the bare wall, so he instructed our CSPCA Team that we should do something fun and artistic!🐰🎨
So here’s the mission:
• Paper size can be A4 or A3.

• Show us your artistic skills by drawing/painting etc. your furry friend or if you like you can pick one of our fellow friends from the centre.

• Then, choose 4 words to describe what Christmas means to you and your furry friend!

• They are no limitations to what materials can be used. . . glitter, tinsel, stickers etc.

• Remember, Elvis’s mission is only for the little ones!

• There is no deadline.

• Once mission is completed, you can post the final artwork to:
The Cspca Team,
Link Road,

• If needs be, your more than welcome to pop down to the centre to hand in the artwork.
Enjoy and we are looking forward to seeing everyones work!⛄️🥳

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